Miss Jenny Pavone is
a tragic-comic character,
a circus act,
an acrobatic and comic show,
a way of life!

Miss jenny Pavone is born from the passion for clowning, physical theater, and aerial disciplines;

Since 2015 she broughts havoc on stage and among the audience by performing her comic trapeze act – that was finalist in the ‘Takimiri’ award in the 2015 ‘clown & clown festival’, protagonist of the 2018 Winter Christmas Shows in France and participant in the ‘Gala of aerial’ in 2019 at the Teatro Furio Camillo in Rome – and with her circus-theater show of crazy acrobatics  in the air and bizarre gags on the ground ‘Waiting for the Miss’ with which she participated in festivals and reviews in Italy and abroad; it was the only Italian and female show at the ‘Tran Tran festival’ in Fuerteventura in 2018.

Miss Jenny Pavone is the alter-ego as well as the artistic creation born from the anarchopsychophysical mind of Cristina Geninazzi.

Miss Jenny Pavone is leading for years


for every apparatus of aerial disciplines and for professional or amateur people